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ATV Go-Kart Tour Company for sale

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Danielle Hensen
0066 8 57 93 20 18

ATV Go-Kart Tour Company for sale!

Company information: Our Company is offering people off-road trips with an ATV Go-Kart. We do the tour driving through the hills and mountain sites of Samui island, which is mostly on sandy roads. On the tour we have a couple of stops at view points, for pictures or a soft drink.
We have different tour options: a 1 hour or 3 hour trip, or short rides of 20 minutes. Most customers take the long 3 hour trip. The Go-Karts, also can be used for day rental.

Technical information: Our Go-Karts have a 4-stroke water cooled 260CC engine, rear wheel traction and 2 seats: one driver and one passenger seat. It has enough power to make it through almost all terrain. If one still might get stuck, it is easy to lift with a couple of people to get it back to driving.
The Go-Kart is easy to drive because of its automatic transmission, so it has 2 pedals for breaking and accelerating. It has all around disc brakes. All Go-Karts have a 4-point seat belt for passenger safety as well as a solid cage construction for vehicle protection, in case of an accident. Mileage: 1000

We offer 5 Go-Karts, in driving condition and 2 extra Go-Karts for back up and/or spare parts.

Price: Negotiable